Portfolio criteria

DDF Ventures recognizes the opportunities innovative technologies can create and the potential reward for those who want to cultivate those ideas into successful companies. However, DDF  Ventures also recognizes the challenges that start-up companies face and are used to the risks associated with early-stage investing. Therefore we invest in a portfolio with a balanced risk profile and the potential to exit within the lifetime of the fund. Our geographical scope is the Netherlands.

DDF Ventures has carefully selected its portfolio by applying the following criteria:

- Scientific pedigree
All portfolio companies originate from the work of key opinion leader scientists, who are recognized as experts in their fields. In all cases these scientific founders are still actively involved with their initiatives.

- Relevance to patients and healthcare
We believe that in the future there will only be place for new products that are truly innovative and that have a clear benefit for patients.

- Strong Intellectual Property positions
In all portfolio companies, recently filed patents protect the products that are being developed and where relevant also to the field of application of these products.

- Strong commercial potential 
All our portfolio companies have products or technologies that are either first in their class or best in their class in diseases or technical applications that represent a large unmet medical need.

- Balanced risk profile 
In the portfolio, some companies have a higher risk/reward ratio than others, spreading the investment risk.

- Exit potential
Portfolio companies were selected for having a clear exit strategy, that can be achieved within the fund life.