Portfolio companies

  • Hercules Pharmaceuticals
    Hercules Pharmaceuticals
    Immuno oncology

    Hercules Pharmceuticals is developing novel anti-cancer drugs. By blocking the AhR receptor, this new approach enhances the immune response to cancers and inhibits the formation of Cancer Stem Cells, producing a multi-level anticancer effect and reducing the risk of cancer relapse.

  • DC4U	Technologies
    DC4U Technologies
    Immunology platform technology for novel disease modifying treatments for cancer, autoimmune diseases and allergy

    DC4U is about the immunological application of glycobiology, modulating the human immune response by either boosting or suppressing the immune system. This new technology offers potential for new disease modifying treatments in cancer, auto-immune diseases and allergy.

  • MyLife Technologies
    MyLife Technologies
    Innovative transdermal drug Delivery Technology for vaccines and peptide drugs

    MyLife Technologies aims to commercialize its innovative Micro-Needle Patch Array for transdermal drug delivery. Its novel porous micro-needle patch array, is very suitable to deliver peptide drugs or vaccines through the skin with clear advantages for patients.

  • Essential IP
    Essential IP
    Dietary supplement

    Essential IP has developed a scientifically substantiated dietary supplement. The product is marketed in The Netherlands.