For investors

We offer investors in DDF Ventures an attractive opportunity to capitalize on the extraordinary developments in the Life Sciences sector. By participating in DDF Ventures, a new investor can participate in an already established diversified portfolio of promising early stage life sciences companies. 
The companies in our portfolio are a balanced mix of early-stage life science and health companies in the field of oncology (Hercules Pharmaceuticals), immuno therapy (DC4U), innovative micro needle based drug delivery (MyLife Technologies) and food supplements (Essential IP). 
Investing in an already established portfolio of life science companies has a number of advantages :
  • Clear impact. It is clear to investors what impact their investment will have, what medical needs are being addressed and what the social relevance is of the investment.
  • Reduced investment risk. By participating in a portfolio of five companies, probability of success increases compared to investment in a single company. 
  • Effective use of management resources. Finding experienced management is difficult for start-ups. With our team of experienced life-science executives we provide hands-on management where needed.
DDF Ventures offers its portfolio companies the professional skills and network that are needed by early stage companies to achieve profitable exits. We apply our in-house team of life science industry professionals to work with the scientific founders of the portfolio companies to manage the companies and to progress their scientific inventions to commercially attractive products. 
We can significantly leverage equity investments in portfolio companies with attractive non-dilutive funding schemes, available in The Netherlands for innovative life-science start-up companies.